Dudu Pukwana & Spear – Flute Music (1975)

Follow the trail from music blog to soundcloud mix and you end up here: laid-back DUDU funk.

Via Aquarium Drunkard


Time to Suck


I rarely ever feel that I was thee one to discover some obscure band. So when a musical source I look to often writes about discovering a band I’ve known about for years, it feels strangely satisfying. Case in point: Suck.

I discovered these South African heavies a few years ago on the indispensable Love, Peace & Poetry compilation, African version. The good folks at Dangerous Minds have posted a little playlist, featuring a couple covers I’ve never heard Suck perform: Season of the Witch and (!!) War Pigs.

It’s Friday, which means it’s Time to Suck!

Via Dangerous Minds