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Abortion, Holocaust comparison prompts calls for sex ed investigation in Alberta

Expect to hear a lot more of these stories. Then expect sanctimonious marshmallow man Jason Kenney carefully tow the line between condemnation and “religious freedom”. Glad our tax dollars are funding this inaccurate, racist bullshit.

Also, if you have the stomach and are extremely fact-averse, do browse through the Facebook page of Red Deer & Area Pro Life. You’ll find lovely abortion memes like, “If a fetus is not a baby then why abort it? Why not just leave the clump of cells alone?” Christ.

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In bid to regain lost status quo, Kenney dusts off decrepit PC skeletons

UPDATE: Holy shit, does Jason Kenney have absolutely no tact or sense of honour or decorum? An MLA on that list is now complaining the Kenney campaign misused her name. She did not endorse him, yet, well, there’s her name on fundraising emails.

For some reason, senior citizen-whisperer Jason Kenney is touting  50 new endorsements from old PC MLAs and cabinet ministers.

In standard PC fashion, only six of the endorsements are from women. What’s interesting, however, are those missing from the list, including THREE former premiers (Stelmach, Redford, Hancock) and  Alberta’s first Métis woman elected to public office, Pearl Calahasen.

A couple other standouts include:

  • Alberta Agenda author and noted foe of same-sex marriage Dr. Frederick Lee Morton
  • Bill C-51 fan Ron Liepert
  • Jonathan Penis

Lots more to be said on this by my man Climenhaga.

If you needed any indication of just how bad Kenney wants to turn the clock back to the glory days old white men with lots of oil money, this is it.


Hey Kenney, you have no excuses now

UPDATE: Well, Sandra Jansen now needs a security detail because of all the death threats.

When Don Braid and the Calgary Herald are on your side, you must be doing something right.

In an unprecedented move, new NDP MLA Sandra Jansen used her Member’s Statement to lay bare all the terrible, awful shit (mostly) men have said about her on social media. It seems a percentage of weak, insecure men can’t stand the thought of a female as their political representative.

This is all extremely tough to hear, but absolutely necessary. I wonder how former PC MLA and rank victim-blamer Janice Sarich feels now. Going by her Twitter feed, she seems to have inexplicably fell silent. You don’t say…

So, my question to unscrupulous glob of uncooked pizza dough Jason Kenney is this: are you going to accept these tactics and allow your followers to continue to harass your opponents with vile sexist and violent attacks? Or are you going to do the human thing and denounce it all? I wish I was confident you’ll do the right thing, but as we’ve seen, you’ll do pretty much anything to win.


Jansen gets kicked off team for being an icky girl, other teams’ coach welcomes her with open arms

Want to know what Star Wars Kid Jason Kenney’s vision for the “right” in Alberta is? White, Christian men who are afraid of women, LGBT people and anyone that dares challenge their masculinity.

Interim PC Leader Ric McIver wished her well. I’ very curios as to what Mr. Kenney and Mr. Jean have to say.

Welcome to the NDs Mrs. Jansen!


Mother of eight definitely NOT a homophobe

When sanctimonious marshmallow man Jason Kenney launched his leadership bid a few months ago, I made a prediction about how he will use “religious persecution” as a salt pillar of his campaign.

Alongside the fact that Kenney has come out in defense of people flouting the law (albeit in the most neutral, dispassionate way imaginable), it looks like that prediction is starting to take shape.

First it was ignorant pastor “Pious” Brian Coldwell. Now, stupid, white parents in rural northern Alberta now want a “review” of the Alberta government’s policies (passed by the PC Party) protecting LGBTQ students from other kids who share their parents’ hurtful beliefs.

To wit:

…parents worry anyone who doesn’t accept the government’s philosophy of gender and sexuality would be characterized as a homophobic bigot.

First off, being part of the LGBTQ community is not a “philosophy”. The woman quoted in the article worries people will tease her Christian kids because she taught them being gay is icky and gross and Jesus will cry.

I think we’re at a point where people like Fehler and their persecution complex will slowly wither away. Maybe just one more generation has to die off before Christians won’t be such utter assholes when it comes to accepting that there are people different than them.

Anyways, I’m waiting for Kenney to continue hitching his horse to this religious, caucasian wagon for months to come. What better way to rile up an ignorant base?

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Let the Crusades begin


Blrrghghgh public school indoctrinate our kids!!

With the news of sanctimonious crusader Jason Kenney deciding to leave federal politics to (most likely) focus on his home province of Alberta, I’m going to make a couple predictions.

The scuttlebutt is that Kenney is the new saviour to Unite the Right here in Alberta. Which, given Kenney’s track record of talking down to people who don’t share his beliefs, sounds a bit foreboding.

Scenario 1
Kenney successfully merges the Wildrose and PC parties under a new banner, and makes “religious persecution” of Christians (i.e. the ability to hate LGBT people) the cornerstone of his campaign.

Scenario 2
Kenney takes over as leader of the PC Party and makes “religious persecution” of Christians (i.e. the ability to hate LGBT people) the cornerstone of his campaign.

Scenario 3
Kenney fails to unite the right, win the PC (or Wildrose) leadership, and becomes a talk radio or think tank bloviator who whines about the “religious persecution” of Christians (i.e. the ability to hate LGBT people).

Let’s nip this one in the bud people!