Dudu Pukwana & Spear – Flute Music (1975)

Follow the trail from music blog to soundcloud mix and you end up here: laid-back DUDU funk.

Via Aquarium Drunkard


Ohio Players – Skin Tight (1974)

Thoughts are with The Mac this week. Let’s all try and enjoy Friday, and keep the generosity flowing to those who need it most.


Live stream: Dâm Funk – Invite The Light

Dâm Funk’s soon-to-be-released Invite The Light is streaming live right now over at NPR.


Detroit Sex Machines – The Stretch Pt. 1 & 2

From what I can tell, a few DSM singles were reissued in the early 2000s. Not exactly sure when these were recorded, but it don’t matter. Sexxxxy funk.


Barbara Mason – Another Man (1984)

Hipped to this track by my roommate, some 80s groove with a decidedly modern funk flavour.


Dâm Funk – 7 Days of Funk + The Future Sound Of Modern Funk

Here are a couple hours of modern FUNK from Pasadena, California’s Dâm Funk.

Snoopzilla and Dam Funk: 7 Days of Funk (Not sure how long this one will stay up!)

Dam Funk: The Future Sound of Modern Funk (BBC Radio 1)