Jason Kenney’s Alberta

Abortion, Holocaust comparison prompts calls for sex ed investigation in Alberta

Expect to hear a lot more of these stories. Then expect sanctimonious marshmallow man Jason Kenney carefully tow the line between condemnation and “religious freedom”. Glad our tax dollars are funding this inaccurate, racist bullshit.

Also, if you have the stomach and are extremely fact-averse, do browse through the Facebook page of Red Deer & Area Pro Life. You’ll find lovely abortion memes like, “If a fetus is not a baby then why abort it? Why not just leave the clump of cells alone?” Christ.

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In bid to regain lost status quo, Kenney dusts off decrepit PC skeletons

UPDATE: Holy shit, does Jason Kenney have absolutely no tact or sense of honour or decorum? An MLA on that list is now complaining the Kenney campaign misused her name. She did not endorse him, yet, well, there’s her name on fundraising emails.

For some reason, senior citizen-whisperer Jason Kenney is touting  50 new endorsements from old PC MLAs and cabinet ministers.

In standard PC fashion, only six of the endorsements are from women. What’s interesting, however, are those missing from the list, including THREE former premiers (Stelmach, Redford, Hancock) and  Alberta’s first Métis woman elected to public office, Pearl Calahasen.

A couple other standouts include:

  • Alberta Agenda author and noted foe of same-sex marriage Dr. Frederick Lee Morton
  • Bill C-51 fan Ron Liepert
  • Jonathan Penis

Lots more to be said on this by my man Climenhaga.

If you needed any indication of just how bad Kenney wants to turn the clock back to the glory days old white men with lots of oil money, this is it.


Hey Kenney, you have no excuses now

UPDATE: Well, Sandra Jansen now needs a security detail because of all the death threats.

When Don Braid and the Calgary Herald are on your side, you must be doing something right.

In an unprecedented move, new NDP MLA Sandra Jansen used her Member’s Statement to lay bare all the terrible, awful shit (mostly) men have said about her on social media. It seems a percentage of weak, insecure men can’t stand the thought of a female as their political representative.

This is all extremely tough to hear, but absolutely necessary. I wonder how former PC MLA and rank victim-blamer Janice Sarich feels now. Going by her Twitter feed, she seems to have inexplicably fell silent. You don’t say…

So, my question to unscrupulous glob of uncooked pizza dough Jason Kenney is this: are you going to accept these tactics and allow your followers to continue to harass your opponents with vile sexist and violent attacks? Or are you going to do the human thing and denounce it all? I wish I was confident you’ll do the right thing, but as we’ve seen, you’ll do pretty much anything to win.


Jansen gets kicked off team for being an icky girl, other teams’ coach welcomes her with open arms

Want to know what Star Wars Kid Jason Kenney’s vision for the “right” in Alberta is? White, Christian men who are afraid of women, LGBT people and anyone that dares challenge their masculinity.

Interim PC Leader Ric McIver wished her well. I’ very curios as to what Mr. Kenney and Mr. Jean have to say.

Welcome to the NDs Mrs. Jansen!


Anti-carbon levy grassroots group not grassroots, you don’t say!


“Our provincial government has no mandate to bring forth a tax that has such serious societal consequences for Alberta, especially when there are technological advancements in carbon capture and storage, and other technologies available to us.”

The quote above is from totally non-partisan inventor Todd Beasley, managing director for the awkwardly named “grassroots” organization Alberta-Wide Rally. Want to know more about them? Too bad – their About Us page is, for some reason, broken.

OK, now, who exactly is this Todd Beasley fellow, managing director of this “grassroots” organization.

According the Linkedin, Beasley is technology co-inventor and founder and chief operating officer of CCR Technologies. He also appears to be a board member of MinMiner Alpha. Not to be confused with MinMiner Technologies, a totally different business that just happens to have the exact same address as MinMiner Alpha.

Want to know more about MinMiner Technologies? Too bad, their website is broken.

So what does CCR Technologies do?

Simply put, they invent, invest in and use – wait for it – PETROCHEMICAL AND GAS RECLAMATION TECHNOLOGY. Some of their clients include staunch environmentalist organizations like Shell, Husky Energy, ExxonMobil and more. They have two head offices: one in Calgary and another in Spring, Texas.

Now, there is also a friendly and most certainly factually correct interview with Beasley from the scamps at a certain rebellious amateur news website.

You’ll notice that the contact number for Beasley listed at the bottom is the same phone number listed for Todd Beasley, Chief Operating Officer of CCR Technologies.

Here’s what we now know: a “grassroots movement created in Alberta – by the people and for the people” is being managed by a chief operating officer of an oil and gas reclamation company whose company has a head office in Texas. I’m SURE it’s all a coincidence!

I’ll finish with a scenario: The PC Party is still in power. Albertans who care about having a planet for future generations organize rallies across the province beggin the government to act on climate change. They call it a “grassroots movement created in Alberta”. Their managing director also happens to be on the payroll for Greenpeace or any number of provincial or national environmental groups.

Would you still believe it’s a grassroots movement?

I guess it’s really not that surprising to know the folks bankrolling this “grassroots” movement have a vested economic interest in there being no carbon levy. Though in the end, if there’s one thing rational, progressive folks should know is that when you hear “grassroots” from the right, you better take it with the grainiest of salts.

Throwback candidate enters CPC leadership race


On legal weed: “I don’t smoke and I don’t think you should either…”

Playing the role of self-righteous religious crusader, throwback candidate Brad Trost of Saskatchewan is hoping to capture the hearts and minds of old people across the country.

Trost seems to think issues like telling women how to manage their health and how icky gay people seem are more important than, oh I don’t know, racism in his province. I mean, look at this guy – is this not the face of every mansplaining moniyaw you’ve ever seen?

Brad Trost also REALLY hates taxes. And you just know that he DEFINITELY has a plan to fund basic services for millions of people around the country.

God help us if this man gets the chance to be a leader of a federal party in Canada.