Brown Acid – The Fourth Trip

Stoked to get into work and put on some RARE FUZZ first thing in the morning. I posted an earlier compilation in this series a while ago, and here’s another follow-up from the heavy duty RidingEasy Records.


Haruomi Hosono & Friends – “Pacific” (1978)

Quite saddened to hear another terribly misguided and disturbed motherfucker has driven a truck into a crowd of people. Thoughts are with those in Stockholm; what a beautiful fucking city.

Yes, the world is burning, but, like, let’s try and have a good weekend. Be good to someone out there!

Dudu Pukwana & Spear – Flute Music (1975)

Follow the trail from music blog to soundcloud mix and you end up here: laid-back DUDU funk.

Via Aquarium Drunkard


Pine Barrens//Max Uhlich//Liquor Mountain//Girl/Vices @ SMF


I’ll be pullin’ double duty at this one. Also, if you’re into some serious country/rock n roll music, don’t sleep on LIQUOR MOUNTAIN.


Power Trip – “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)” (2017)

Just unbelievably rippin’ thrash from Dallas outfit POWER TRIP. This is helping me deal with all the rage.

Pick this record up fromĀ Southern Lord.


William Onyeabor (1946-2017)

I discovered William Onyeabor years ago after hearing his song, “Fantastic Man” on a random African comp I downloaded from some website I’ve long-forgotten about.

At the time I remember thinking: who is this man and how did he make this strange, funky, happy music? I’ve been hooked ever since. Rest in Peace Mr. Onyeabor.

Via Pitchfork


Gold Star – “Sonny’s Blues” (2017)

New discovery, just fuckin’ beautiful L.A. country/folk/psych/watching the sun rise.

Happy Friday all.

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