Lovers Only @ The Buckingham


Thanks to Mangled Tapes for having the Max Uhlich Band over to the Buck for a few songs in support of their anti-fascist, pro-unity fundraiser/tape release Lovers Only.

Via Mangled Tapes


Haruomi Hosono & Friends – “Pacific” (1978)

Quite saddened to hear another terribly misguided and disturbed motherfucker has driven a truck into a crowd of people. Thoughts are with those in Stockholm; what a beautiful fucking city.

Yes, the world is burning, but, like, let’s try and have a good weekend. Be good to someone out there!

CITY POP: sounds like Japanese Steely Dan

Here’s a little mix of Japanese disco/funk nighttime driving music. Happy Friday all!


Max Uhlich w/Kimberley MacGregor, Passburg


I’m joining the mysterious Max Uhlich for a l’il acoustic set at Blackbird CafĂ© tomorrow. Click the poster above for details.


2017 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team

After a year waiting with baited breath, it’s finally here folks. Check out these fuckin’ salads.

Via Deadspin


Pine Barrens//Max Uhlich//Liquor Mountain//Girl/Vices @ SMF


I’ll be pullin’ double duty at this one. Also, if you’re into some serious country/rock n roll music, don’t sleep on LIQUOR MOUNTAIN.


Max Uhlich Full Band @ Sewing Machine Factory (Jan. 20)


Hey folks, I’m joining Max Uhlich on stage for a performance at Sewing Machine Factory. The evening will have a decidedly dreamy vibe, I must say. Click the poster above for the detailsssss.