Lovers Only @ The Buckingham


Thanks to Mangled Tapes for having the Max Uhlich Band over to the Buck for a few songs in support of their anti-fascist, pro-unity fundraiser/tape release Lovers Only.

Via Mangled Tapes


Jason Kenney’s Alberta

Abortion, Holocaust comparison prompts calls for sex ed investigation in Alberta

Expect to hear a lot more of these stories. Then expect sanctimonious marshmallow man Jason Kenney carefully tow the line between condemnation and “religious freedom”. Glad our tax dollars are funding this inaccurate, racist bullshit.

Also, if you have the stomach and are extremely fact-averse, do browse through the Facebook page of Red Deer & Area Pro Life. You’ll find lovely abortion memes like, “If a fetus is not a baby then why abort it? Why not just leave the clump of cells alone?” Christ.

Via CBC Edmonton