In bid to regain lost status quo, Kenney dusts off decrepit PC skeletons

UPDATE: Holy shit, does Jason Kenney have absolutely no tact or sense of honour or decorum? An MLA on that list is now complaining the Kenney campaign misused her name. She did not endorse him, yet, well, there’s her name on fundraising emails.

For some reason, senior citizen-whisperer Jason Kenney is touting  50 new endorsements from old PC MLAs and cabinet ministers.

In standard PC fashion, only six of the endorsements are from women. What’s interesting, however, are those missing from the list, including THREE former premiers (Stelmach, Redford, Hancock) and  Alberta’s first Métis woman elected to public office, Pearl Calahasen.

A couple other standouts include:

  • Alberta Agenda author and noted foe of same-sex marriage Dr. Frederick Lee Morton
  • Bill C-51 fan Ron Liepert
  • Jonathan Penis

Lots more to be said on this by my man Climenhaga.

If you needed any indication of just how bad Kenney wants to turn the clock back to the glory days old white men with lots of oil money, this is it.



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