Hey Kenney, you have no excuses now

UPDATE: Well, Sandra Jansen now needs a security detail because of all the death threats.

When Don Braid and the Calgary Herald are on your side, you must be doing something right.

In an unprecedented move, new NDP MLA Sandra Jansen used her Member’s Statement to lay bare all the terrible, awful shit (mostly) men have said about her on social media. It seems a percentage of weak, insecure men can’t stand the thought of a female as their political representative.

This is all extremely tough to hear, but absolutely necessary. I wonder how former PC MLA and rank victim-blamer Janice Sarich feels now. Going by her Twitter feed, she seems to have inexplicably fell silent. You don’t say…

So, my question to unscrupulous glob of uncooked pizza dough Jason Kenney is this: are you going to accept these tactics and allow your followers to continue to harass your opponents with vile sexist and violent attacks? Or are you going to do the human thing and denounce it all? I wish I was confident you’ll do the right thing, but as we’ve seen, you’ll do pretty much anything to win.



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