Anti-carbon levy grassroots group not grassroots, you don’t say!


“Our provincial government has no mandate to bring forth a tax that has such serious societal consequences for Alberta, especially when there are technological advancements in carbon capture and storage, and other technologies available to us.”

The quote above is from totally non-partisan inventor Todd Beasley, managing director for the awkwardly named “grassroots” organization Alberta-Wide Rally. Want to know more about them? Too bad – their About Us page is, for some reason, broken.

OK, now, who exactly is this Todd Beasley fellow, managing director of this “grassroots” organization.

According the Linkedin, Beasley is technology co-inventor and founder and chief operating officer of CCR Technologies. He also appears to be a board member of MinMiner Alpha. Not to be confused with MinMiner Technologies, a totally different business that just happens to have the exact same address as MinMiner Alpha.

Want to know more about MinMiner Technologies? Too bad, their website is broken.

So what does CCR Technologies do?

Simply put, they invent, invest in and use – wait for it – PETROCHEMICAL AND GAS RECLAMATION TECHNOLOGY. Some of their clients include staunch environmentalist organizations like Shell, Husky Energy, ExxonMobil and more. They have two head offices: one in Calgary and another in Spring, Texas.

Now, there is also a friendly and most certainly factually correct interview with Beasley from the scamps at a certain rebellious amateur news website.

You’ll notice that the contact number for Beasley listed at the bottom is the same phone number listed for Todd Beasley, Chief Operating Officer of CCR Technologies.

Here’s what we now know: a “grassroots movement created in Alberta – by the people and for the people” is being managed by a chief operating officer of an oil and gas reclamation company whose company has a head office in Texas. I’m SURE it’s all a coincidence!

I’ll finish with a scenario: The PC Party is still in power. Albertans who care about having a planet for future generations organize rallies across the province beggin the government to act on climate change. They call it a “grassroots movement created in Alberta”. Their managing director also happens to be on the payroll for Greenpeace or any number of provincial or national environmental groups.

Would you still believe it’s a grassroots movement?

I guess it’s really not that surprising to know the folks bankrolling this “grassroots” movement have a vested economic interest in there being no carbon levy. Though in the end, if there’s one thing rational, progressive folks should know is that when you hear “grassroots” from the right, you better take it with the grainiest of salts.


2 thoughts on “Anti-carbon levy grassroots group not grassroots, you don’t say!

  1. I found your link today. Todd is using his personal contact information as managing director of the Alberta Wide Rally movement, which was organized by volunteers, not paid activists around the province. The website being “broken” is because unlike the paid activists, I have to work for a living and have limited time to put it together properly. If you’d like to hear more about whats going on, please contact me at

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