Throwback candidate’s act of bravery: sex ed just like residential schools

Leave it up to throwback candidate for the federal Conservative leadership to make a truly awkward and confusing residential school analogy.

Social conservative Untouchable Brad(ley) Trost of Saskatchewan has been consistently reelected year after year in his increasingly urban riding in Saskatoon. I want to believe that the more dumb shit he says, the less likely he’ll be reelected. But give it to Trost, he certainly seems sure of himself.

Ontario new(ish) sex-ed curriculum has driven white, ignorant parents crazy the last couple years. At issue are the fact that their children learn about totally normal and healthy things like masturbation and how to avoid STIs. But wait! Same-sex relationships are totally normal too? Gender fluidity is a real thing and maybe we shouldn’t be afraid of transgender men and women? This sounds verrrrry familiar, Trost says.

Because Indigenous parents’ rights were infringed upon when the government took their children and put them in residential schools, it’s more-or-less the same as teaching children that masturbation is healthy, here’s how to not get STIs, and yes, homosexuality is totally normal and healthy. It’s quite a stretch, even for a crazy social conservative untouchable like Trost.

Read more about this over at Vice. I’m sure this won’t be the last we’ll hear from Throwback Candidate Brad(ley) Trost.


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