Mother of eight definitely NOT a homophobe

When sanctimonious marshmallow man Jason Kenney launched his leadership bid a few months ago, I made a prediction about how he will use “religious persecution” as a salt pillar of his campaign.

Alongside the fact that Kenney has come out in defense of people flouting the law (albeit in the most neutral, dispassionate way imaginable), it looks like that prediction is starting to take shape.

First it was ignorant pastor “Pious” Brian Coldwell. Now, stupid, white parents in rural northern Alberta now want a “review” of the Alberta government’s policies (passed by the PC Party) protecting LGBTQ students from other kids who share their parents’ hurtful beliefs.

To wit:

…parents worry anyone who doesn’t accept the government’s philosophy of gender and sexuality would be characterized as a homophobic bigot.

First off, being part of the LGBTQ community is not a “philosophy”. The woman quoted in the article worries people will tease her Christian kids because she taught them being gay is icky and gross and Jesus will cry.

I think we’re at a point where people like Fehler and their persecution complex will slowly wither away. Maybe just one more generation has to die off before Christians won’t be such utter assholes when it comes to accepting that there are people different than them.

Anyways, I’m waiting for Kenney to continue hitching his horse to this religious, caucasian wagon for months to come. What better way to rile up an ignorant base?

Via Edmonton Journal



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