Remigio of The Tenors, flat-earth moron

Maybe we should be giving the benefit of the doubt to the biggest asshole opera singer of our generation, that didn’t know the connotations of “All Lives Matter” in today’s discourse. But I’m inclined to, y’know, NOT.

Remember this guy: Remigio Pereira of The Tenors. He went rogue during last night’s MLB All-Star Game and not only changed the lyrics to O Canada, but sided with a more sinister (re: racist) aspect of American culture by uttering the phrase “All Lives Matter”. He even held up a sign and everything. I can only imagine what was running through that, tiny, ignorant, mind-controlled brain of his, but I can guess he thought he’d be getting a standing O for his efforts. Quite the opposite happened.

I’m sure this will all blow over soon, but my god, it’s embarrassing. What a fucking moron.


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