Lowest Common Denominator, Part Infinity


Here is proud Albertan Andy Styles’ truck. Here is Styles offering solutions and trying to wrap his head around how and why Alberta is where it is today (hint, it’s Notley and Trudeau’s fault).

To anyone who may not be from around here, this is a very typical  reaction by mostly-male industry workers in Alberta. Too uneducated to enter another industry, too dumb to play anything other than the vulgar, sexist card. Bravo Andy Styles, bravo. You’ve proven once again just how infantile you and your blue-collar brethren are. As my next door neighbours’ truck decal proudly declares: PIPELINE TRA$H!

Two things worth mentioning: the man who had the “Fuck Harper” sign on his car got a $543 ticket. And also, this:

Alberta weekly earnings fell 3.4% in February but still lead the country (CBC)

I’m just going to quote verbatim from the original Facebook post alerting concerned Albertans about the plight of our fair province: “Photo is courteous of INLAND BIT & OILFIELD SERVICES. For Drill Bit & Hot Shot Services call Andy @ 780-806-3299.”

Via Global News


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