It Was All A Misunderstanding!

Well, it was just a matter of time before the Legislature started fielding calls from “concerned” citizens fantasizing about murdering elected officials.

The perpetrator in question, Michael Enright of Camrose, certainly enjoys espousing his opinions online. His Disqus profile is somewhat unhinged.

And in a revealing moment of candor, Enright points to his inspiration. To wit:

“I’m listening to Danielle Smith talking just one thing after another about — whatchamacallit — the economy and the coal. I’ve got friends who are losing their jobs, and I phoned in,” he said. “I didn’t mean to get upset and I did not threaten anybody at all. All I said was that if they (the NDP government) keep pushing people, people are going to get guns and they are going to revolt.:

You know what Enright, if people like you haven’t threatened to murder our Premier and other elected officials in the past, maybe you’d be given the benefit of the doubt.


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