Dog and Pony Show


Taken from the ignorant cesspool that is the “Albertans Against the NDP” Facebook page. Ugh.

Here are a couple question: when was the last time an angry Albertan threatened to assassinate one of our several former PC premiers? Is it coincidence that since we have a new government led by a strong, intelligent female that low-information Caucasians are routinely declaring to the world their intention to straight-up murder her?

Wildrose leader Brian Jean offered a half-hearted warning to his knuckle-dragging supporters to tone down the rhetoric. But it’s not going to do work — if anything it’s just going to rile ’em even more.

So why are most of the violent threats, misogyny and sexism coming from right to left, from conservatives to progressives?  Here are some thoughts: it’s easy to seem tough sitting at your computer; you don’t have the mental capacity to participate in intelligent debate; you’re a dumb, sexist white male used to getting your way. Now, you’re scared.

Timothy Egan, an op-ed writer for the New York Times, recently waxed about Trump Appeal, and within his screed was a line you could apply to what’s going on here in Alberta. To wit:

They are white, lower middle class, with little education beyond high school. The global economy has run them over. They don’t recognize their country. And they need a villain.

Just a reminder: no one was calling for the gruesome murder of Redford or Prentice or Stelmach. Now that we have a progressive government, angry white males are coming out of the woodwork. It’s sad that Premier Notley and her cabinet have to endure such ignorant behaviour, but in the end, it will serve as a wake-up call to everyone. A wake-up call to the fact that people who vote PC or Wildrose are generally ignorant, disrespectful and afraid of change.


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