Vidal vs Buckley (1968)

During the 1968 Republican and Democratic conventions (held in Miami and Chicago, respectively), third-place network ABC decided against the usual exhaustive, gavel-to-gavel coverage of each party’s convention.

Instead, they tried something that would become the blueprint for obfuscation, confusion, anger and general distrust we follow in our political process. It’s an action that delivers nothing to the audience except soundbites, headlines and in today’s parlance, clickbait.

Punditry, a mode of communication so below the level of discourse we need in order to truly understand, it’s an axiomatic cattle-call to the unwashed masses who thirst for nothing more than anger masked as entertainment.

We’ll likely never see two minds such as liberal Gore Vidal and conservative crypto-Nazi William F. Buckley debate the issues (and their egos) again. What we have now is a primordial soup of buzzwords and cowardice.

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