All Hockey Hair Team 2015

It’s an annual tradition in existence only since 2011, but it’s something I gleefully look forward to each season. Of course, I’m talking about the annual All Hockey Hair Team.

What started as maybe just something fun and informal has certainly caught fire over the last couple years. Created by the person/people behind PullTabProductions, our stoic narrator breaks down the top 10 best salads from Minnesota High School Hockey. So much sick flow happening here, from the retro racing stripes, classic mullets to newer styles like the Samuri and one-wing circle-flyer.

I grew up playing hockey (if Bantam ‘B’ is still considered hockey), as well as having hockey billets living in our basement year after year. I can’t express to the layperson just how important and defining your hairdo is. Back in my day, the cheveux de resistance were the hefty wings curling out of your lid like weeds through cement cracks. Think rookie season Ryan Smyth.

Do yourself a favour and go through the rest of the videos on the Pulltab YouTube channel. The dos and flows from these young men are truly a site to behold.


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