Perfect rhetorical excuse


A strong Canada means crushing dissent.

It’s quite genius, in a rhetoric-slimed kinda way. The RCMP have recently released a glowing report of tar sands activities, while at the same time labelling anyone opposed to unfettered development and millions of dollars in giveaways to foreign nationals as the, “anti-petroleum movement.”

Hey, it’s much easier to accuse someone of wrongdoing than to actually listen to opponents of your beliefs!

This of course comes on the heels of the tabling of Bill C-51, which expands law enforcement (and the governments) ability to spy on Canadians with the noble goal of disrupting terrorist groups. At this point, you might ask yourself, what’s more dangerous: crazed religious zealots killing police officers and military in broad daylight, or activists blockading roads and unfurling anti-tarsands banners? In the governments eyes, they are exactly the same.

Yet another piece of bias rhetoric lacking in facts and relying on scare tactics.


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