Sun TV Off The Air

It’s a good day for quality discourse and debate in Canada, as right-wing rage factory Sun TV News failed to find a broadcaster to purchase the station.

It’s funny, I just moved into a new house with a cable package that carried almost all Canadian and American news channels. Switching between Fox News and Sun TV News, I noticed very little difference in appearance: presumptive chyrons, bloviators pitching wedge issues, and the ever-present spinning logo. This is a science mastered by Fox in America; and poorly replicated in Canada.

The CBC isn’t perfect, in fact, no cable news is perfect. However, it’s a victory for fact and information that a station like Sun TV News (and let’s not forget it’s pudgy man-child centrepiece Ezra Levant) ceases to exist. Here’s hoping we don’t see the right-wing vacuum in this country any time soon.

Via Edmonton Journal

Bonus: Here’s a take on the news from Edmonton’s Omar Mouallem for Canadaland.


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