The Message is Messaging: These Guys Aren’t Even Trying Anymore

Jim Prentice, giving the international symbol for doing whatever the fuck you want

Jim Prentice, flashing a gang sign.

UPDATE: Is anyone surprised?

It’s the standard PC playbook: butter up the public through Hansard; pantomime backbench softballs; sprew bureaucratic talking points, and; use their majority to unilaterally decide what other elected members can and cannot say, can and cannot legislate. This is the reality of being a minority party in the midst of a tired but intrepid majority not accustomed to having their views challenged.

It starts with a positive declaration via Member’s Statement (p. 227) by a green minister. Then it goes to non-answers during question period (not uncommon). As some media in Alberta have grown to understand, it takes a slight chipping-away motion to let true motivations come to light.

Take this unsettling interview between CBCs Mark Connolly and aforementioned green minister Sandra Jansen. Like former Premier King Ralph, she’s cut from the media cloth before entering “public service”. It’s a short quote, but when you listen to the interview you’ll understand why it’s worthy of highlighting:

Connolly: “Which school boards across Alberta don’t want to support this?”

Jansen: “I can’t tell you that….I don’t have that information.”

Connolly: “You don’t know?”

[long pause]

Jansen: “I don’t have that information.”

Jansen sounds tired. This is religious hand-holding. These guys aren’t even trying anymore. A political party so desperate to appeal to those who got them into power that they will railroad legitimate and potentially life-saving legislation to save their own skin. I’ll say it again: this is a party perpetually stuck in the 80s.

Status quo. This is what the PC party thrives on. It’s backwards and it’s antiquated. But it’s worked for damn-near 45 years, why not keep ridin’ that train?

The tired, old PC Party actually has a chance to lead not only the province or country, but the world. Our resources dictate conflict and price manipulation across the globe — why not take a stand, take the lead and decide the terms? But here we are, placating old bigots to get votes. It’s getting really tired; I hope more people my parents’ age realize this.


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