From the man who brought us “Ethical Oil”…

No one will remember you.

No one will remember you.

Ezra Levant hails from the corporate, Conservative incubator known as Calgary, Alberta. He is a smarmy, know-it-all asshole. We all know this. He’s the guy at the party no one really wants there, but he doesn’t have the social awareness to know it, or more likely, just doesn’t care.

Anyway, Levant lost another libel lawsuit by calling a former law student something to effect of, “illiberal Islamic fascist.”

Fuck this guy.

The thing I can’t wrap my head around is that Mr. Levant, a well-educated white man, chooses to communicate with people by being a total piece of shit intellectual. He picks fights with people he can defeat; he’s partisan, racist and inflammatory to the point of performance art. Yet, he gets paid a good amount of money to be a conservative mouthpiece. This is a man who is afraid. Afraid of what he believes, afraid of confronting actual issues and afraid of everyone who isn’t a white, war-mongering capitalist.

I’m glad there are people like Levant. An effective way to combat the blatant anti-Muslim, anti-Aboriginal, anti-Anyone Who Doesn’t Vote Conservative line this human toad walks is to, simply, let him continue to talk.

Mr. Levant, you’ve done NOTHING of value to this country since you burst on the scene bullying workers at the Alberta Human Rights Commission. I suspect that when people look back at the history of Canada, there you’ll be, a tiny blip on the radar during a time when media companies got ratings by letting entitled white men say any crazy, racist thing that comes to mind. People will read about you, then forget about you just as quick.

Man, your parents really did a number on you.


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