Christie Blatchford: The Only Issue is Consent

UPDATE: While not responding directly to the National Post article referenced below, Owen Pallett, I think, has clearly summarized a very complicated issue:

“BDSM and choke play is a subversion of male violence. To hear that anybody has been abusing the BDSM power relationship for the purpose of engaging in non-consensual violence-against-women is horrifying.”

Classic National Post trolling on display by Christie Blatchford. With the news Ghomeshi has been ceremoniously canned from the CBC, Blatchford admonishes the decision to fire an immensely popular radio host for his alleged non-consensual sexual proclivities.

A summary of this piece of right-wing victim blaming tripe (with a dose of classic CBC-bashing thrown in for good measure):

All of which is to say, I’m not sure I’d consider any of CBC’s “stars” to be genuinely public figures, certainly not in the way that mayors and prime ministers and others are.

Who do you think people respect more Christie: your (former) crack-smoking corrupt pustule mayor or Peter Mansbridge?

The women say they fear Internet retaliation, or that filing a police report would expose their names.

Yet that simply isn’t the case. Any publicity exposing them would not come from the police or the courts. An alleged victim of sex abuse gets a publication ban upon her name merely by asking for one.

Because recent history has proven that women who are victims of sexual abuse are ALWAYS treated fairly and with respect online and in the media.

Seems that the basic gist of Blatchford’s argument is that these women have no reason to fear retribution, and are stupid for not going to the cops and sad for being afraid of retribution. I think this one sentence sums up Blatchford’s passivity on the issue, and inability to think that maybe – maybe – there should be serious discussions about consent and how women are treated by entitled men in the media:

Beyond all that, the tawdriness and transparently low rationale for running the story, the only issue is one of consent.

Consent is the only issue, isn’t it Christie?


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